Region, Concession for HPP Chebren awarded to Greek PPC and Archirodron

03.Oct 2022.

The concession for the construction and management of the Chebren hydroelectric power plant was awarded to the Greek consortium consisting of PPC and Archirodron Group, since it was the only one that submitted an acceptable offer.

The HPP project on the Black River refers to a public-private partnership with the Macedonian state company ESM. The start of the construction of the 333 MW power plant is announced for next year, after a series of unsuccessful attempts and two decades of delays.

The deadline for submission of bids for the construction and management of HPP Čebren in a public-private partnership with the company ESM expired last week.

The offer was submitted by the French energy company Électricité de France (EDF). However, the offer of the Greek PPC was the only one evaluated as acceptable, while EDF did not submit a binding offer as well as the required bank guarantee, said Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning Nasser Nuredini.

The procedure for awarding a concession for the use of the waters of the Black River for the construction of a hydroelectric power plant was started in January by the decision of the government in Skopje.

The planned capacity of the hydroelectric power plant is 333 MW, while according to earlier reports, the investment is estimated at 570 million euros. Investment obligations will be fully borne by the private partner.

In accordance with the dynamics of works on such projects, it is expected that the production of electricity will begin in 2028 or 2029, the Macedonian official said.

Source: seenews.com