Slovenia, Government capped heating oil prices

03.Oct 2022.

Slovenian Government adopted a decree, according to which, from 13 September, the price of extra light heating oil will be regulated in the same way as unleaded petrol and diesel.

The maximum allowed margin will be limited to eight eurocents per liter. The price of heating oil was already regulated from the beginning of November last year until mid-May this year. At start, the price was around 1 euro per liter, but it rose by the end of regulated period to 1.64 euros/ liter. The current price is 1.46 euros/liter.

The Government said that currently it will only regulate margins for heating oil, but it is ready to regulate the final price if necessary.

The Government also adopted a decision on lowering the retail prices of petroleum products. Namely, it has again temporarily abolished the eco tax on CO2 emission from petrol, diesel, heating oil and natural gas.